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All communications related to the business of Macoob Intelligence belongs to Macoob Intelligence.

All informations regarding to businesses must be through email provided by company with macoob.com domain.

No informations copy is allowed.

All informations must be kept in company server. No offline, physical or digital copy is allowed.

All data must be deleted from personal storage if needed after completed the task.

All communications regarding to Macoob Intelligence will be monitored and tracked.

Customer data is PDPA protected.

PDPA Act 2010 Compliances

terms & conditions 2


Submit proposal to MCIS Insurance Berhad until policy is awaiting premium status in MyBiz

Setting task for the day

Complete the Task

terms & conditions 3


Each new business proposal will be paid RM10 when policy status changed to in-force in MyBiz

Setting task for the day

Complete the Task

working culture


we want the best working culture & career for your future



90% of work or task is online.


Payment to all of Macoob Intelligence will be scheduled efficiently.


Online Communications

Communicate online makes more efficient & effective.



Macoob Intelligence serves worldwide at different time zone, our system is realtime and up to date.

the new working atmosphere

Welcome to Macoob Intelligence

We are where people get together and share their expertise in a mission of serving diversify solutions.